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Fontana Car Accident Data, Statistics and Inland Empire Commuter Facts

Throughout San Bernardino County, vehicle accidents continue to be a big public safety issue. It is important to remember that if you or a loved one is involved in an auto accident that resulted in injury or even death,  they should contact a professional San Bernardino county auto accident attorney to assist with the case. Fontana is a city within San Bernardino County with the largest population. Because of this, the data from Fontana has a tremendous impact on the statistics of the county as a whole, and it’s important to look at the car accident statistics for that area specifically.

The city of Fontana, CA has seen a steady growth of 18.67% in the last 15 years. Fontana’s total population in 2015 was 238,163 (based on the zip codes of 92335, 92336, 92337). Within the city limits of Fontana population is 202,969. Back in the 2010 Census the population was approximately 196,069 and back in the 2000 Census the population was estimated to be 165,065.

Fontana is a regional hub of the trucking industry, with Interstate 10, Interstate 215State Route 210 and Interstate 15 passing through the region.

Because of these busy freeways, plus the addition of local traffic and commuters, the area is consistently busy with vehicle traffic.

According to Census.gov, the Average Commute Travel Time for Fontana Resident workers aged 16 plus is 32.2 miles. And more than 40% of residents from San Bernardino and Riverside counties commute to work outside of the region. Some of them are even considered “Mega-commuters”, defined as those that drive more than 90 minutes to work each way.

Fontana Herald News reported recently that “Only 10 percent of workers who live in Fontana are employed at businesses in Fontana.”

People commuting out of the Inland Empire:

  • Fontana Residents Commuting to Los Angeles: 54%
  • Commuters to Orange: 32%
  • Fontana Commuting to San Diego: 14%

With the large numbers of commuters and vehicles on the road every day and night, auto accidents are statistically bound to happen. See below for statistics and a data analysis about auto accidents in the last several year in Fontana:

Total Fatalities and Injuries due to Auto Accident Collisions in Fontana, CA:

Statical data by year pulled from The California Highway Patrol traffic record system.

In 2015:

  • 479 Reported Collisions
  • 677 Victims Injured
  • 10 Victims Killed

In 2014:

  • 480 Reported Collisions
  • 701 Victims Injured
  • 12 Victims Killed

In 2013:

  • 438 Reported Collisions
  • 635 Victims Injured
  • 5 Victims Killed

Auto Accidents in Fontana at Night

Time Between 9:00pm – 2:59am resulting in injury or death.

  • 2015 Reported Collisions: 63
  • 2015 Victims Killed: 4
  • 2015 Victims Injured: 91
  • 2014 Reported Collisions: 53
  • 2014 Victims Killed: 1
  • 2014 Victims Injured: 81
  • 2013 Reported Collisions: 51
  • 2013 Victims Killed: 2
  • 2013 Victims Injured: 76

Is Speeding a Major Cause of Auto Accidents in Fontana?

Of the 479 auto collisions reported in 2015 that resulted in injury or death, 149 of these were speed related. And this is over 31% of the total amount. With the longer distances to travel to and from Fontana, the desire to get to one’s destination faster, and the seemingly endless stretches of freeway, it’s no wonder that the temptation to speed has resulted in this many auto accidents.

In 2014, speeding accounted for 28% of the 480 collisions reported. And in 2013 speeding accounted for 32.4% of the auto collisions resulting in death or injury.

Alcohol Related and Drunk Driver Car Accidents in Fontana Statistics from 2013-2015:

Total Collisions346359
Injured Victims478792

During 2015, there were a total of 59 auto collisions that were alcohol related or involving drunk drivers. Of these, 92 victims were injured and 5 victims were killed.

In 2014, there were 63 alcohol related collisions reported. And of these accidents, 87 victims were injured and 5 people were killed.

Back in 2013, there were 34 collisions reported involving alcohol consumption. There were 3 deaths and 47 victims were injured.

In 2015, of the 59 collisions related to alcohol, 13 of these collisions were involving drivers under the age of 21. Of these accidents, one person was killed and 12 victims were injured. And for drivers between the ages of 21 and 34, there were 38 collisions resulting in 19 injuries and one death.

There was a slight drop in alcohol related collisions in 2015 compared to 2014, with a drop of 6.3%. However, the number of reported collisions where a driver had been drinking increased a staggering 85.29% from 2013 to 2014, going from 34 to 63 collisions.

Vehicle and Bicycle Accident Statistics in Fontana, CA:

It’s reported that only 2% of Fontana residents walk or bike to work. And of the 25 bicycle collisions reported in 2015, only 1 person was above the age of 15. Below is a breakdown of bike collisions, injuries and deaths from 2015, 2014 and 2013:

2015 Bicycle Accidents in Fontana:

  • 25 Collisions
  • 26 Victims were Injured
  • 0 deaths

2014 Bike Accidents in Fontana:

  • 58 Collisions
  • 59 Victims were Injured
  • 0 deaths

2013 Bicycle Accidents in Fontana:

  • 37 Collisions
  • 36 Victims Injured
  • 1 death

Fontana Pedestrian Accident Statistics involving Automobiles:

During 2015 there were 31 reported auto collisions that involved a pedestrian. 35 victims were injured and 1 death. Of these accidents, 10 of the pedestrians were over the age of 65. And 7 of the victims were under the age of 15.

2014: Total of 33 pedestrian collisions with 31 injuries and 2 victim deaths.

2013: Total of 31 collisions with 31 injuries and 3 deaths.

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Based on the data available, we are failing to see a reduction in collisions each year in Fontana, CA or throughout the Inland Empire. If you are in an auto accident in Fontana or in San Bernardino county, consider consulting a seasoned, professional auto accident attorney to help with your case. Not only can legal aid help speed up the settlement process, but they can also assist in getting you a higher, fair settlement to pay for medical bills, reduce pain and suffering and overall help you in the times post-accident.

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