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San Bernardino Burn Injuries

California Lawyers for Burn Injuries

Burn injuries can be devastating, resulting in not only physical trauma and debilitation, but also mental trauma, substantial medical expenses, and even loss of life. If you have suffered a burn injury as the result of the negligence of another individual or organization, we hope you’ll give Estey & Bomberger a call to discuss your case: 909-882-2016.

Burn Injury FAQ’s

Q. Who is responsible for my burn injuries?

Answer: The facts of your case will help the California burn accident lawyers at Estey Bomberger determine who is responsible for your injuries. If a hair dye used by an individual causes a chemical burn, the manufacturer of the hair dye may be named in lawsuit. An individual could be held responsible if their negligence caused a car accident, which resulted in the burn injuries of another individual. When reviewing the facts of your case we will use every available resource to help prove negligence on the part of the individual or entity responsible for your injuries.
Q. How many people suffer serious burn injuries?

Answer: More than 4,000 people die every year in the United States from burn injuries and an additional 10,000 die from burn injury complications. It is reported in the U.S. more than 40,000 individuals will require hospitalization for their serious burn injuries this year and approximately 60 percent of those hospitalized will require admittance to burn units.

Q. What causes burn injuries?

Answer: Exposure to heat, radiation, chemicals, hot liquids, hot gases, and electricity can cause burn injures, but the source of exposure can vary. Burn injuries are often a result of some type of accident, such as a  car accident, construction accident, motorcycle accident, SUV rollover accident, amusement park accident, boating accident or truck accident. The use of a defective product can also result in a victim being badly burned.

Q. Could I lose my opportunity to file a lawsuit?

Answer: Injured victims must realize California only gives victims a certain amount of time to take legal action. If action is not taken within the time given, victims or victims’ families will lose any opportunity to file a claim. Being denied the opportunity to file a claim means that compensation cannot be recovered and justice cannot be obtained. To prevent being denied legal action, contact a California burn injury lawyer at the law firm of Estey Bomberger today.
Q. How soon should I contact a lawyer?

Answer: It is very important that burn injury victims contact an injury lawyer as soon as possible. An essential part of any case is the investigation. Important details revealed during a thorough case investigation can affect the outcome of a claim. If an investigation is begun at a later date, key evidence and witnesses can be lost.

Q. What damages can be recovered in my burn injury case?

Answer: Burn injury victims may be entitled to compensation for damages including past, current and future medical expenses for the treatment of burns, lost income from missed time at work as a result of injuries, anticipated lost earnings if injuries prevent the victim from returning to work, compensation for permanent scars, disfigurement, and pain and suffering.

Common Types of Burn Injuries:

Contact burn injury
Contact burns are usually caused by exposure to hot liquids or steam, hot metals or any other type of heated material or object, such as a curling iron or stove. Contact burn injuries can happen at home or in the workplace. Construction workers who handle steam powered heavy machinery on a daily basis are particularly at risk for a serious contact burn injury.

Explosion burn injury
Explosion burn injuries are very common in the construction industry where the use of flammable liquids and gases is prevalent. Explosion of a toxic liquid or gas can create four stages of a blast injury, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary stages of an explosion can result in severe thermal (heat) and chemical burns, lung damage and blunt trauma injuries for a victim.

Inhalation injuries
Inhaling the hundreds of chemicals that are released when smoke is present can cause serious respiratory complications and death. Gases released into the air by a fire, such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide can impair oxygen intake and result in asphyxiation. Inhalation injuries are the primary cause of death for victims of indoor fires. Victims of inhalation injuries typically suffer from burn injuries as well.

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